63424Prime2Colour is a family run and owned business.  Malcolm started his business in London after a 4 year apprenticeship and continued the business for 20 years before moving to Brisbane in 2005.  Since then he has run his own business employing up to 6 painting tradesmen.

Malcolm always liked the idea of restoring old properties.  He helped an old neighbour repaint his front door and screen when he was younger. He changed the colours and it gave a whole new look to his entrance. He then got the opportunity to take up an apprenticeship. The company mainly worked on Victorian and Edwardian types of properties. The transformation of a lot of them from old to new was amazing. That was the start of his journey.

Honest -> Reliable -> Trustworthy -> Insured

We at Prime2colour, believe in conducting our business in a professional manner, if we give a time we will be there on time, if for any reason we are held up we will call you within minutes.  All of our tradesmen are known to us, we do not employ staff by the day and leave them in your premises without knowing who they are.  We work in many properties where people have to go about doing their daily business albeit at work or other commitments, we always have someone on the job at all times and protect your property as if it was our own.

We get right to work when we get there. At Prime2Colour, we have the well-seasoned experience to be efficient at multi-tasking, but never at the expense of courtesy. We respect your home and family time,

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